Churhush Church of Taghavard

It is located in Hin (Old) Taghvard village under Armenian control, at a distance of 40 meters from the current border. Probable time of construction – 17th century.

A. The description and condition according to the 2002 monitoring.

It is a single-nave vaulted hall with a sole western entrance. The eastern altar is rectangular, separated from the prayer hall by a vaulted arch made of hewn stones on their facades. There are rectangular niches opened on the southern and northern walls of the altar. The lintel made of polished stones and the northern curbstones are preserved from the entrance. The exterior of the church is built by large stones and internally – with medium-sized blue stones and lime mortar. In the line of the western facade, linear cross-figures have been preserved on the boulder placed near the foundation. There are no sculptures or inscriptions.
The church has been a famous place of pilgrimage for the residents of Taghavard and neighboring villages, the limbs and heads of sacrificed animals hanging on the surrounding trees. The candle-lighting in the church continues up to day.


B. The situation after the Second Artsakh War.

According to the residents of Taghavard, the church was shelled by the Azerbaijani air force on November 10 at 1 p.m., 2020. As a result, the church was turned into ruins. Twelve soldiers were martyred at the approaches and surroundings of the church.