Appeal of the Armenian National Committee for Byzantine Studies

The Armenian National Committee for Byzantine Studies issued a special appeal (

“Honorable colleagues,

the members of the Armenian National Committee for Byzantine Studies appeal to AIEB and to all the National Committees to express their solidarity with the statement recently made by the UNESCO intended to preserve historical monuments on the territory of Nagorno Karabakh. We hope that our declaration may be conducive to monitoring the protection of ancient and medieval monuments on this territory, a part of which is found, as a result of the war of 2020, under Azerbaijan's control. In the light of numerous cases of intentional destruction of Armenian monuments on territories controlled by Azerbaijan (cf. in particular the destruction of mediaeval Armenian cemetery in Nakhichevan), as well as the erasure of Armenian inscriptions on churches and especially in view of the recent declarations made by Azerbaijani authorities intending to ‘verify' the authenticity of ancient Christian monuments and to ‘cleanse’ them from what they claim to be traces of ‘Armenianisation’ of monuments of Caucasian Albania, the rich historical heritage of Nagornyj Karabagh is in imminent danger.

Therefore, we call you to raise your voice against this cleansing of the millennia-long presence of Armenian culture on the territory of Nagornyj Karabakh.
May our voice sound at least as eagerly as it did against the modification of the status of Hagia Sophia in 2020.

1 June 2022”.