Regarding the recent Azerbaijani statements about the nomadic economic system and the “Turkic-Azerbaijani ethnic” presence in the Caucasus
This time, Azerbaijani propaganda is engaging in discourse regarding Tigranakert
Baku has declared the sports and cultural complex as a military facility
The Getavan monument in the target of Azerbaijani vandalism
The “iron fist” of the aggressor
The Church of the Savior (Surb Amenaprkich) in Krkzhan: Targeted by Azerbaijani Propaganda
Editors Andreas Müller, Harutyun Harutyunyan, Dagmar Heller, and Martin Tamke released a statement about the cancellation of their presentation of “The Cultural Heritage of Artsakh, Armenian History and Its Traces in Nagorno-Karabakh” in Berlin on March 6
It was the Tsar Settlement’s Turn
Azerbaijan Destroys Monument of Alexander Myasnikyan on Martuni Street, Stepanakert
Azerbaijan Destroys Eagle Monument in Stepanakert’s Upper Park
Azerbaijan Destroys Bust of Ivan Isakov
Azerbaijan Removes Cross from Vankasar Church
In the occupied city of Stepanakert, Azerbaijan destroyed the memorial stone of Ashot Ghulyan, a hero of Artsakh
Desecration and Destruction of Memorial Complex Honoring Victims in Hakaku Village, Artsakh
Azerbaijan has vandalized the fraternal (military) cemetery in the village of Haterk in Artsakh
The act of destruction of Anatoly Zinevich’s bust
Regarding Azerbaijan’s bogus claims concerning Stepanakert
Azerbaijanis Reportedly Damage Historical Khachkar Monument in Martakert City
Azerbaijan’s Destruction of the Spring-Monument in Aghanus Village, Kashatagh Region
New attempts to seize historical-cultural heritage unveiled
Azerbaijan Engages in the Destruction of Cemeteries in Shushi
A New Narrative in Azerbaijani Propaganda: Allegations of Restrictions on Azerbaijani Researchers in Soviet-Era Artsakh
Azerbaijan turns the historical layers of the 19th-century Meghretsots Surb Astvatsatsin Church of Shushi into a garbage heap
Azerbaijan Chosen as Vice-President for the 42nd General Conference of UNESCO
Azerbaijanis Vandalize Statue of Stepan Shahumyan in Stepanakert
The wall of license plates in Vank village demolished by presidential order in Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan Toppled the Cross in Stepanakert
The Lemkin Genocide Prevention Institute has issued a Red Flag alert regarding the potential for aggression by the Republic of Azerbaijan towards Armenia
Azerbaijan’s dangerous statements and initiatives
Shushi Named Cultural Capital of the Islamic World for 2024
Erasing Signboards Doesn’t Erase History
Expropriation of Gandzasar Begins
Rome Statute on Cultural Heritage
Charektar Monastery Targeted by Azerbaijani Vandalism
Amaras Monastery Is Occupied: Azerbaijan Must Adhere to International Provisions for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Occupied Territories
Azerbaijanis Destroyed Monument and Khachkar Commemorating Artsakh Liberation War in Ukhtadzor Village, Hadrut Region of Artsakh
The organization known as the “Community of Western Azerbaijan” has appealed to UNESCO, urging to safeguard the cultural heritage of “Western Azerbaijan”
The Mansion-Fortress of the Melik Beglaryans on the Brink of Ruin
About the memorial of Avetaranots
Azerbaijan is stripping Shushi’s cultural heritage of its Armenian origin
Destruction of a Khachkar in Kyuratagh Village, Hadrut
Alert: The Kavakavank Church is Losing its Original Appearance
About the Azerbaijani project to convert Berdzor’s Surb Hambardzum Church into a mosque
By the order of the President of Azerbaijan, the historical Armenian Togh is being transformed into the Azerbaijani-Albanian “Tugh” reserve.
Azerbaijan destroyed the bridge of Halivor
The first response of Azerbaijan to the book “Caucasian Albania” published by an international academic group
Azerbaijan dug bunkers at the early medieval necropolis of the settlement of Gyavurkala
Azerbaijan destroyed the Memorial Complex of Glory in the city of Berdzor
Destruction of the cemetery and khachkars in Lachin
On the destruction of the State Museum of Fine Arts of the city of Shushi
Azerbaijanis completely destroyed the building of the central library named after Avetik Isahakyan in Hadrut and adjacent residential buildings
Representatives of the “Albanian-Udi” community of Azerbaijan desecrated and destroyed the unique pit inside the Armenian church of the Tsitsernavank monastery in the Kashatagh region of Artsakh
Azerbaijan threatens to expel Armenian priests from Dadivank
Regarding the 10th International Conference “Caucasian Albania: Religious and Social Life” held in Baku
The village of Aghavno is a victim of Azerbaijani vandalism
The “Greater and Lesser Syunik” memorial on the border of Syunik and Artsakh came under the control of Azerbaijan, appearing under threat of destruction
Creation of the Azerbaijani settlement of Talish at the cost of the Armenian one
On the speech of the President of Azerbaijan at the Extraordinary Summit of Leaders of the Organization of Turkic States
The ITB Berlin, the world’s largest tourism trade fair, banned the presentation of the cultural heritage of Artsakh at the exhibition to be held on March 7-9, 2023 in Berlin
On the attack on Surb Astvatsatsin Church in Karmir Gyugh village in Artsakh caused by Azerbaijan during the 44-day war
This time it was to Azokh cave
About Azerbaijani “specialists” and clergymen who consider the House of Culture in the village of Talish, built in 1957-1959, to be a Russian church and a victim of the “Armenian vandalism”
Azerbaijan continues blaming Armenia: about the slanderous speech of Azerbaijan at the 17th session of the UNESCO Committee for the Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict, held on December 15-16, 2022 in Paris
The fundamental cultural rights of Armenians of Artsakh were violated because of the closure of the Berdzor (Lachin) corridor, resulting humanitarian crisis.
New facts by the BBC World News about the destruction of the cemetery, school and the church of Surb Astvatsatsin in Mets Tagher village
About the Muslim mausoleum of Yerevan
Azerbaijan destroyed the church of Surb Sargis in Mokhrenes village
The General Secretaries of the National Commissions for UNESCO of 14 African countries visited occupied Shushi
Azerbaijan continues making anti-Armenian eloquent speeches on international platforms
Another Azerbaijani nonsense: Armenians inserted “Gregorian” crosses into the walls of Artsakh churches in the 19th century, trying to Armenize the “Albanian” heritage
On the destruction of the information board of the chapel in Dadivank
Azerbaijan is continuing vandalism
Again and again: Tigranakert and the Tigranakert expedition under the blow of Azerbaijani propaganda
Red Flag Alert: Azerbaijan continues the Armenian hatred politics
On a new attempt of Azerbaijan to declare the monastery of Surb Khach in Vank village of Hadrut as Albanian-Udi
Tigranakert of Artsakh does exist regardless of what Azerbaijani propaganda says about it
Where did Azerbaijani propaganda get the photos of “aged Armenian khachkars” from? About another falsification․
Udi propaganda at the Church of Surb Yeghishe in Mataghis village
Azerbaijanis displaced a khachkar installed on the road to Berdzor (Lachin)
Destruction of Mount Hatis
The Kanach Zham church in Shushi is being destroyed by Azerbaijanis
About the Russian Church of Gevorgavan
About the Azerbaijani “restoration” of Surb Amenaprkich Ghazanchetsots Church in Shushi
About the conference, organized in Shushi
Azerbaijan destroyed the Park of Teachers and the inscription in Mets Tagher village
Memorial dedicated to the victims of World War II and the First Artsakh War was desecrated in Azokh village
Destruction of khachkars caused by Azerbaijan in the occupied territories of Artsakh
Another manifestation of Azerbaijani religious and national “tolerance” in the churches of Tsakuri and Togh
Another aggression of Azerbaijan․ Heritage under threat
In response to Azerbaijan’s latest accusations
On the resolution adopted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on the cultural heritage of Artsakh
Not only the strategic height is in danger, but the cultural heritage, reflecting the centuries-old presence of Armenians, too
The destroyer of cultural heritage is celebrating the 30th anniversary of cooperation with those who is in charge of preserving that cultural heritage
Azerbaijan declares Yerevan, Sevan and Syunik “Azerbaijani heritage”
When Politics Openly Misrepresents the Cultural Affiliation of Heritage
The Church of Surb Astvatsatsin of Karintak is being vandalized
Azerbaijan intends to completely destroy the Armenian cultural heritage in the occupied territories
The Transept of Kanach Zham Church in Shushi turned into a cafe
Google May Remove the Armenian Toponyms of Artsakh from its Maps at request of Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan was elected as a member of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Committee in the event of an armed conflict