Khandzadzor’s Shenin spring


The Shenin spring (Fig. 1) is located in the old quarter of Khandzadzor village, in the northwestern part of the village.

Fig. 1 The general view of the spring. The photo is from the database of the Republic of Artsakh's "State Service for the Protection of the Historical Environment" SNCO.

Historical overview

The spring was built in 1849 by Grigor Nazaryants of Taghlar, according to the inscription on the front wall. "This spring was built in 1849 in memory of Taghlar resident Grigor Nazaryants and his parents," it says (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 The constructional inscription of the spring, 2011, photo by G. Budaghyan.

Architectural-compositional examination

The spring is made of white limestone and mortar from the area. A nave with a row of polished stones can be found in the lower section. It measures 4 meters in length, 2.2 meters in width, and 2.8 meters in height. The spring receives its water from a 1.5-kilometer-away zone called Poqr sorp via clay pipes. The spring was repaired in 2018. (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3 Spring after renovation, 2019, photo by G. Budaghyan.

The condition before, during and after the war

The spring was not harmed as a result of military operations in 2020. There is no information available regarding the post-war situation.

Khandzadzor’s Shenin spring
Khandzadzor's Shenin spring
Khandzadzor's Shenin spring