The anonymous hermitage of Dadivank


  The anonymous hermitage is located in Nor Shahumyan region of the Artsakh Republic (Karvatchar region), in the northwestern direction of the Kusanats St. Astvatsatsin hermitage, directly in front of it, on a high forested mountain on the left bank of the Tartar River (Karapetyan 2019, 366).

Historical overview

There is no historical information about the church. The walls of the building lack any inscriptions. The monastery was first studied in 1986 by architect Manvel Sargsyan, who himself made the initial plan of the monastery, and then it was briefly studied by the expedition of archaeologist Hakob Simonyan (Karapetyan 2019, 366). Archaeologist Hakob Simonyan considers that this small complex is Mardaghonyatz St. Nshan (Holy Sign of Mardaghon) (Hakobyan 2007, 9), to which monument expert Samvel Karapetyan does not agree. According to the latter, Mardaghonyatz St. Nshan is mentioned as a cross and not as a monastery or church.

Architectural-compositional description

Judging by the plan, the complex consists of a small one-nave church and a rectangular narthex attached to it from the west (Fig. 1). The only entrance is from the west. The complex is built of large and small rough stones with lime mortar, like many of the monuments of Karvatchar. The chapel is a single-nave hall, internally with a semicircular vault and a gable roof outwardly (Fig. 2).

Fig. 1 The plan of the complex, Karapetyan S., Mravakanq, 2019, page 367.

Fig. 2 The western front of the complex, Karapetyan S., Mravakanq, 2019, page 367.

The condition before and after the war

The church was not damaged during the Artsakh wars.

There is no information about the monument after it came under the Azerbaijani control in the Karvatchar region.


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The anonymous hermitage of Dadivank
The anonymous hermitage of Dadivank
The anonymous hermitage of Dadivank