The bridge of Ghuzen


It is located in the southern part of Taghaser village in the Hadrut region, on the rivulet known as Ghuzen "river" (figs. 1, 2).

Fig. 1 The Bridge from the west, 2014, photo by G. Budaghyan

Fig. 2 The view of the bridge from the east. The photo is from the electronic database of the Republic of Artsakh's "State Service for the Protection of the Historical Environment".

Historical overview

The bridge connects the Hadrut-Tsor-Jrakan-Araks valley road. There is no exact date, but based on its structural features, it is a structure from the first half of the twentieth century.

Since November 2020, it has been under Azerbaijani control.

Architectural-compositional examination

The Ghuzen Bridge is a single-span vaulted structure. It is made of rough and polished stones as well as lime mortar. The vault arches' edges and the frontal parts of the piers are completely polished. The length is 13 meters, the width is 7 meters, and the height is 6 meters.

The condition before, during, and after the war

The bridge was in good condition and had not been damaged during the military operations in 2020.

The bridge of Ghuzen
The bridge of Ghuzen
The bridge of Ghuzen