The Kyariz (Aghbulagh) spring of Sarnaghbyur


The spring is situated in Sarnaghbyur village of the Askeran region (Fig. 1). Currently, it is under Azerbaijani occupation.

Fig. 1 The general view of the spring, 2022, photo by A. Grigoryan.

Historical overview

Sarnaghbyur village is situated 16 km south of Askeran city. In 19th-century primary sources, the village is referred to as Mirishallu (Barkhutareants 1895, 127). During the Soviet era, the village was named Aghbulagh. On May 10, 1992, Azerbaijanis captured and extensively burned the village. Following its liberation, the residents returned and reconstructed the settlement. In 1995, the village was renamed Sarnaghbyur. It was once again occupied by Azerbaijan in September 2023.

Architectural-compositional examination

The spring features a rectangular structure, with the nave constructed from large, locally polished stones and divided into two interconnected parts. There are two sources located on the right and left sides of the frontal wall of the structure. On the upper part of the left-hand source, there is a rectangular inscription slab, the inscriptions on which have become illegible due to shelling by Azerbaijanis. Only the year remains clear: 1895 (Fig. 2). The right-hand section of the spring has undergone recent modifications, with a slab now bearing the inscription: “In memory of the fallen freedom fighters of Sarnaghbyur.”

Fig. 2 The inscription bearing stone of the spring, 2022, photo by A. Grigoryan.

The condition before, during, and after the war

The spring remained undamaged during the military operations in 2020. There is currently no available information regarding the current state of the monument.


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The Kyariz (Aghbulagh) spring of Sarnaghbyur
The Kyariz (Aghbulagh) spring of Sarnaghbyur
The Kyariz (Aghbulagh) spring of Sarnaghbyur