Monument Watch “Monitoring of Artsakh Cultural Heritage”

The program was initiated by Hamlet Petrosyan (Yerevan State University) and Anna Leyloyan (INALCO). The group includes archaeologists, architects, culturologists, Armenologists, media and internet specialists, translators.

It is an independent academic platform that will try to record, present, comment on the events within the limits of professional knowledge and academic education. 

The main goal is:

to map and inventorise (the condition before the war) the immovable cultural heritage, museums, cultural centers of Artsakh-Azerbaijani border zone and of those territories of the Artsakh Republic, which as a result of the 44 day war passed under the control of Azerbaijan, 

to ratificate the current state (destruction, alteration, reuse, deletion and modification of sculptures, images, inscriptions, use of new symbols, etc), as well as,

 to introduce the changes to the international scientific and cultural community.