Details: Dadivank monastery, the khachkar of 1182 AD.

Brothers, stay awake.

Dadivank monastery, the khachkar of 1182 AD. A unique political document related to Khachen's principality, the only mention of the word khachkar (which does mean in Armenian cross-stone) and Armenian cryptogram with philosophical meaning,

The inscription on the right side of khachkar.

“In the year [of Amenian] :631: (1182 AD). Me, Hasan, son of Vakhtang, was Lord of Haterk, Handaberd, Khachinaberd and Havakhaghats for forty years. I fought many battles and overcame my enemies with the help of God. And I had six sons. I gave them my fortresses and my provinces; them I came to the monastery near my brother Grigores and become a religious. And I brought this khachkar to Azua, with a lot of hardness, a lot of tricks, and I erected this sacred sign in the memory of my soul. Now, for the sake of your souls, those who will accept this, remember me in your prayers.

As we see, the date of erecting the khachkar is written with the Armenian date. The term khachkar, places Handaberd, Khachinaberd, Havakakhaghats are understandable only in Armenian. Moreover, there is an Armenian cryptogram which sounds “It is my, Hasan’s writing: Brothers, stay awake. I did not do take anything from this world. Believe, you will not take anymore”.

There are 200 inscriptions in Dadivank, all only in Armenian, there is not even a single letter in another language.

They say it's not important, it's an Albanian-Udi heritage.