Details: Princess Arzukhatun about her sons, Dadivank, Katoghike (main) church․

In the initial image, the monolithic sculptures depicting the Vakhtangian princes Hasan and Grigor, along with a model of the church, are intricately carved on the southern facade of the Dadivank Catholic Church (1214).

In the extensive inscription below, Princess Arzukhatun, the mother of Hasan and Grigor, commissioned the construction of the church (Fig. 2). Let's highlight two passages from her inscription.

"My eldest son Hasan was killed by the Turks in the war for the Christian faith, three months later my youngest son Grigor was called to the Lord, paying the debt of nature and ending his life, they went to Christ, leaving their miserable mother in mourning".

The inscription, mirroring the style of numerous inscriptions in Artsakh, bears the Armenian calendar date "1214 of the Armenian calendar."

Contrary to historical accuracy, Azerbaijani propaganda dismisses factual evidence, baselessly claiming it as an Albanian-Udi heritage.