St. Hovhannes church of Qaraglukh (Hadrut)


The church is located in an elevated area of the village Qaraglukh in Hadrut region (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 The general view of the church from the north-east, photo by N. Yeranyan

Historical overview

It was consecrated in 2013 and is a newly built church.

Architectural-compositional examination

In terms of structure, it's a tetraconch church. It has a tetragon shape from the layout and is cross-shaped from the inside. The presence of sacristies in each of the four corners emphasizes the cross-shaped structure. The squinch system creates a transition between the cupola volume and the drum. The church is built of polished tufa (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 The view of the church from the north, photo by N. Yeranyan.

The building is supported by a three-degree anchor. On the west, south, and north sides, there are three windows. The entrance is on the west side, and the door has an inscription on it (Fig. 3). On the eastern wall, there are two St. Hripsime-type niches and one window (Fig. 4).

 The condition before, during, and after the war

Before the war, the church was fully steadfast. There is no information about the monument during or after the war.



Fig. 3 The entrance to the church and the inscription on the lintel, photo by N. Yeranyan.

Fig. 4 The interior of the church from the west, photo by N. Yeranyan.

St. Hovhannes church of Qaraglukh (Hadrut)
St. Hovhannes church of Karaglukh
St. Hovhannes church of Karaglukh