The Surb Astvatsatsin Church of Tsaghkavank


The Surb Astvatsatsin Church is situated at the heart of Tsaghkavank village in the Hadrut region (Fig. 1). The village of Tsaghkavank has been under Azerbaijani occupation since October 2020.

Fig. 1 The church from the northeast, photo is from the electronic database of the Republic of Artsakh's "State Service for the Protection of the Historical Environment".

Historical overview

Tsaghkavank village is situated in the Hadrut region, approximately 12 km northeast of Hadrut city. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the village was known as Kharmanjugh (Barkhutareants 1895, 46). Following the establishment of the Soviet order, it was officially named Kharmanjugh. In December 1991, Azerbaijani troops captured and set fire to the village. Subsequently, after the first Artsakh liberation war, the village was liberated. In 1995, it underwent a renaming and is now known as Tsaghkavank.

Architectural-compositional examination

The church, constructed in 1830, takes the form of a single-nave rectangular hall. It features a spacious semicircular tabernacle and sacristies on the eastern side. The cylindrical nave is supported by two arches rising from pillars. The sole entrance is situated on the southern side, with a single broad window adorning the south wall. Notably, due to the slope of the terrain, the western facade and northern part of the church are partially embedded in the ground (Fig. 2). In the Soviet era, the church underwent a shift in purpose and was utilized for economic activities. Adjacent structures were constructed along the southern section of the church, and as a consequence of their collapse, the entrance to the church became partially obstructed.

Fig. 2 The church from the southeast, 2020, photo by G. Budaghyan.

The condition before, during, and after the war

As of September 2020, the church was standing. There is no available information regarding its current state or condition beyond that date.


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The Surb Astvatsatsin Church of Tsaghkavank
The Surb Astvatsatsin Church of Tsaghkavank
The Surb Astvatsatsin Church of Tsaghkavank