Hamlet Petrosyan
Scientific supervisor of the project
Doctor of Science, Professor, Head of Department of Cultural Studies, Yerevan State University.

Anna Leyloyan-Yekmalyan
Scientific supervisor of the project
Professor-researcher, lecturer at University of Languages and Civilizations (INALCO)

Haykuhi Muradyan
Operational supervisor of the project
Assistant at YSU, Department of Cultural Studies

Lyuba Kirakosyan
Description of monuments
Doctor of Architecture, Professor

Nzhdeh Yeranyan
Description of monuments
PhD in Historical Sciences, Deputy Director for Science of the History Museum of Armenia

Sasun Danielyan
Description of monuments, technical manager of the site
Photographer of the Research Armenian Architecture Fund (RAA)

Gayane Budaghyan
Description of monuments
Head of Hadrut Regional Service for Historical Environment Protection

Hamazasp Abrahamyan 
Description of monuments
History Museum of Armenia, Department of Archeology, researcher, PhD student at Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography

Ruben Hovsepyan 
Media platform monitoring
PhD in Historical Sciences,  researcher at  Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography

Armine Tigranyan
Research of the legal field of cultural heritage
PhD student at YSU

Tatjana Vardanesova
Translations from Armenian into Russian
Candidate of Historical Sciences, senior researcher at Laboratory of Archaeology, Institute of Armenian Studies, YSU.

Anush Safaryan
Senior administrator of the Department of Cultural Studies, YSU

Marut Vanyan
Monitoring of monuments in Artsakh


Harutyun Khudanyan
Translations from Armenian into English
Junior Researcher at the Department of Ancient History of the NAS RA Institute of History

Diana Zardaryan
Translations from Armenian into English and Russian