Azerbaijanis destroyed the dome and bell tower of the Kanach Zham church

On November 15, an Azerbaijani Internet user uploaded a video on his Facebook page, showing that the Kanach Zham church was partially damaged: the dome and bell tower were completely destroyed. This time, the destruction was carried out in support of the "false argument" as if this church was built in 1847 as a Russian Orthodox church. In continuation of this false statement they state that after the end of the first liberation war, the Armenians modified the dome of the church and turned it into Armenian. The Azerbaijani side also claims that the church was destroyed before the hostilities by the Armenians. However, according to the photo posted by another Azerbaijani Internet user, an Azerbaijani soldier was seen standing in front of the Kanach Zham church in occupied Shushi, and the temple was unharmed then (source: Azerbaijanis damaged the dome of the Kanach Zham church, partially destroyed it (

In response to the actions of Azerbaijan destroying cultural heritage, we find it necessary to recall of the 4th article of the Hague Convention of 1954 "On the Protection of Cultural Heritage during Armed Conflicts", the parties undertake to respect the cultural property ​​ situated both within their own territory as well as the territory of other. It is forbidden to use cultural property for any purpose that may cause its destruction or damage, it is also forbidden to perform any act of hostility towards them.According to the first protocol of the Hague Convention of 1954, the destruction of cultural or spiritual heritage is prohibited in the conquered territories. The second paragraph of the 1999 Hague Convention reaffirms this fact under Article 15 and qualifies it as an international crime.