The Lemkin Genocide Prevention Institute has issued a Red Flag alert regarding the potential for aggression by the Republic of Azerbaijan towards Armenia

On November 1, 2023, the Lemkin Genocide Prevention Institute issued a Red Flag alert regarding the potential for aggression by Azerbaijan towards Armenia. As per the Lemkin Institute, there is a high likelihood of Azerbaijani aggression against Armenia in the forthcoming days and weeks. The statement underscores that Azerbaijan has been persistently pursuing an aggressive policy against Armenia and has demonstrated ambitions regarding the Syunik region in the Republic of Armenia. A specific portion of the statement reads, 'Azerbaijan has long desired the southern Syunik region of Armenia, which has more recently been the subject of discussions as a potential transit route for the 'Zangezur Corridor,' leading to Nakhichevan and currently under Azerbaijani control. Considering the recent political developments in the region, which include the Azerbaijani invasion of Artsakh on September 19, 2023, and the subsequent territorial annexation, along with the prevailing genocidal sentiments against Armenians in Turkey and Azerbaijan, there is a concern that the Azerbaijani invasion may escalate into a genocide." The Lemkin Institute underscores that genocide is manifested not only through mass killings but also through the forced displacement of people from their native lands, especially when the underlying ideology aims at the complete or partial destruction of their identity.

The Lemkin Institute urges Western powers to take necessary measures to prevent another potential genocide in the South Caucasus. The complete statement from the Lemkin Genocide Institute can be accessed at the following link: