Style: Architect Shahik, first half of the 14th century. 

Shahik (late 13th - early 14th century) was one of the last architects of the developed Armenian Middle Ages. In addition to building churches, he built tombs for new heretical rulers. And as a consolation to his heart, he wrote his name, to which he apparently got the right due to his talent. On this occasion, Garegin Hovsepyan noted that the famous Armenian architectural structures of

the 14th century are mausoleums-churches: Yeghvard, Burtelashen, Kaputan, which seem to symbolize the death of our culture. This is how the famous Armenian architectural families served the Ottoman empire. Shahik's talent was not enough for Armenian architecture to continue its course, just as the services of Armenian architects to the Ottomans did not prevent the Genocide.