Destruction of the Memorial Devoted to the Genocide victims in Shushi

In Shushi Azerbaijanis destroyed the memorial devoted to the memory of the Genocide victims, which had been placed after the First War of Artsakh. It was located below the intersection of Proshyan and Ghazanchetsots streets. The memorial was also devoted to the victims of the World War II and The First War of Artsakh (video source:

Destruction and Ruination of Cultural Heritage

The Article 4 of the Hague Convention of 1954 for the “Protection of Cultural Property in the Event of Armed Conflict” prohibits any act of vandalism, theft, robbery or embezzlement and imposes an absolute ban on acts of retaliation against cultural property. The Second Hague Protocol of 1999 that also refers to the cases of non-international (ethnic) conflicts prohibits any act of hostility and retaliation against inheritance, which is classified as an international crime by Article 15.

The acts of destruction of Cultural Heritage are also prohibited by four international Conventions and Protocols approved in Geneva on August 12th, 1949 referring to the protection of the war victims, laws and customs of war, as well as by the relevant UN commission on human rights.