Destruction of the memorial to the soldiers in Hadrut

On June 23, 2021, a Telegram user under the nickname of "Karabakh Vestnik" made a publication in his channel, from which it became clear that the Azerbaijanis destroyed the memorial dedicated to the soldiers who died during the Artsakh war ( The publication notes that it is inappropriate to accuse Azerbaijan of destroying the “Nazi” monument, illegally erected on the territory of Azerbaijan by the Armenian invaders. Moreover, the same day on Telegram, another user posted some material confirming the act of cultural vandalism performed by Azerbaijan (

A video appeared on the Internet where Azerbaijani militants opened fire in the direction of the monument. Video:Ադրբեջանցի զինծառայողը կրակահերթ է արձակել Հադրութի հուշահամալիրի խաչքարի ուղղությամբ (

In this regard, we find it necessary to recall that the harm caused to the cultural values ​​of any of the peoples is threat to the cultural heritage of all mankind, because each nation makes contribution to the diversity of the world's cultures. In addition, according to the First Article of the 1954 Hague Convention, which makes the basis for all other international agreements, cultural value, regardless of its origin and owner, is considered to be movable or immovable property ​​of great importance for the cultural heritage of every nation, such as monuments of architecture, art or history, whether religious or secular. It is especially emphasized here that “cultural value” does not depend on the fact of its origin, is not limited in time, pattern and form. The value of the heritage is determined by particular ethnic group, in this case - the Armenians of Artsakh. Cultural property must be protected regardless its form or the emotions it evokes in enemies. The 4th article of the Convention notes that the parties are obliged to respect cultural property situated within their own territory as well as within the territory of other parties. It is forbidden to commit acts of hostility, vandalism, robbery, harm and destruction towards these values.