The first response of Azerbaijan to the book “Caucasian Albania” published by an international academic group

On June 12, 2023 Institute of History named after A. Bakikhanov responded to a large-scale work devoted to various issues of the history and culture of the Caucasian Albanians, published by the famous German scientific publishing house De Gruyter this year in June ( .

The statement of the Institute of History of Azerbaijan states that this work distorts the history of Caucasian Albania and is part of anti-Azerbaijani propaganda ( ). According to the Azerbaijani side, "some forces are trying to use the problem of Caucasian Albania for political purposes" ( ).

It should be noted that since the 50s of the last century, the Azerbaijani scientific community began to widely deal with the problem of the history and culture of Caucasian Albania. However, unfortunately, the research of the Azerbaijani side was aimed at appropriating and falsifying the history and culture of Caucasian Albania, excluding any connection with Armenian culture and history, distorting historical sources, and at subjective interpretation of history.

Moreover, in order to appropriate the Armenian cultural heritage of Artsakh, all this was declared Albanian, various theories were formed, even all the cultural heritage on the territory of the Republic of Armenia was declared Albanian.

The study of the history and culture of Caucasian Albania is quite complicated, since it is diverse, interconnected with the cultural and political сonditions of the region, as evidenced by Armenian, Georgian, Persian, Arab and other sources, and interpretations and studies of all this with only one goal (that is, to present this heritage as an exclusively Azerbaijani one) are obviously not academic in nature, but prejudged.

The very fact that the Azerbaijani side rejects any connection with the Armenian cultural environment is already evidence of the bias of the Azerbaijani scientific community.